The world's only solution for true CI/CD
with IBM InfoSphere Information Server.

Information Server, the way it should be

Reducing the time, cost, risk, uncertainty, and stress of DataStage delivery.

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    Best Practice Guarantee

    Ensure all jobs comply with your coding standards, or use MettleCI's extensive library of best practices.

  • Git Integrated

    Manage code in Git, directly from the DataStage Designer client, without any command line headaches.

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    Automated Deployment

    Promote your code from Development to Production using a fully-automated delivery pipeline.

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    Automated Scheduling

    Give sequences the boot and allow MettleCI to build and run your job schedule automatically.

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    Automated Testing

    Let MettleCI handle the heavy lifting of testing to ensure your builds are deployable without problems.

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    Fully Integrated

    No command lines, hacking, or complex config files. Test, build, and deploy using point-and-click.

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  • The Information Server Build Pipeline You've Been Looking For

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      Unified Platform

      Manage requirements, builds, tests, and releases, all from a single platform.

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      Accelerated Delivery

      Take your requirements from idea to production in minutes, not days.

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      Embrace Agility

      Become a true agile team with the frequent release of data solutions aligned to your sprint goals.

    • visibility

      Effortless Transparency

      All collaborators share an up-to-the-second view of requirements, builds, tests, and releases.

  • A Change For The Better

    Prepare your team for the challanges ahead, utilising modern DataStage development practices.

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      MettleCI is easily adapted to your organisation's standards, workflow, tools, and processes.

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      High Performance

      MettleCI's highly optimised deployment technology means CI takes minutes, not hours or days.

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      Unprecedented Insight

      MettleCI provides unique insight into the productivity of your team, and the quality of their work.

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      Perfect Preparation

      MettleCI perfectly prepares you for platform upgrades, or for introducing new technologies, like Hadoop.

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