End User Licence Agreement


We make computer software that makes delivering high-quality solutions with IBM DataStage easier, and you want and easier life , so we’re ideally suited to each other! Here are a few simple policies to keep in mind as you consider our software: they will help you, and us. Above all else, though, we want our software to help make your job easier, and your life happier!


MettleCI is licensed annually, in units of 'PVU' (explained here) which describes the total processing capacity of all DataStage engine tiers with which MettleCI communicates. In other words, and by way of example, if you licence 2000 PVU of MettleCI, you can use it to manage export, import, compile, and run DataStage artefacts on any number of production and non-production environments as long as the total PVU of those environments' engine tiers does not exceed 2000 at any time.


You may not share your software serial number with anyone else, for any reason. You should also protect your software serial number against unauthorised disclosure. We reserve the right to revoke your serial number at any time if we find it has been made publicly available.


We try extremely hard to make sure our software is bug-free. Unfortunately, while we know this is sometimes difficult to accept as an end user, bug-free software is nearly impossible to produce, especially given the diversity of end-user hardware and software configurations which it can be affected by. Therefore, we cannot guarantee malfunction-free operation, including the possibility of data loss or critical failure. We encourage you to make sure your important data is backed up regularly, and we are not liable should you not take reasonable measures to protect your data.


We guarantee to respond to all tech support and other emails within 1 business day, where business days are defined by public holidays in Victoria, Australia.


You should not reverse-engineer, disassemble, 'crack', or otherwise modify and redistribute our software. You should not rent, lease, re-sell, or otherwise attempt to transfer your software license to others.

You should not deploy our software to more environments, or against environments of a greater processing capacity, for which it licensed.

Program code and artwork, including web site content and effects, are (unless otherwise attributed) the copyrighted property of Data Migrators. Please don’t steal them.

Should a legal dispute occur between you and our company, it will be governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia.


Thanks for reading our license agreement! We hope you love MettelCI.